Meet the farm management

Bethany Mauchly has owned and been the visionary for American Dream Stables since it's inception in 2004. What started as a small three horse lesson and training barn, which took Bethany all over the eastern seaboard training and competing, has grown into a multi service equine business. Bethany’s passion for horses and children have made the focus of the programming at American Dream Stables unique. Bethany currently lives on the farm with her husband and top supporter, Kris, and her three children.

Emma O’Lone-Higgins has grown up in the American Dream Stables family (literally). Emma is Bethany’s younger sister. She started in the lesson program as one of the first little riders. She grew exponentually from there and was offered an opportunity to work and ride for Olympian Boyd Martin as a teenager. While working in that capacity she had many more opportunities to ride top class horses, assist multiple five star riders and Olympic team coaches as well as groom at the international five star level. Emma bases her riding out of American Dream Stables, and can be found teaching lessons, managing every aspect of our horses from turnout to feeding to fitness programs, and supporting our summer and after school programs. All while being on the eventing show circuit. 

Matthew O’Lone is an alum of the lesson program, he began his riding career at a young age. He quickly grew to compete at the highest level in area 1. Matthew’s engaging personality and dedication to the programs at American Dream Stables make him an easy favorite among the riders.  

Bethany Mauchly

Owner and Instructor

Emma Higgins

Trainer and Instructor

Matthew O'Lone

Activities director